About creating bookmarks…

About creating bookmarks

You know I love to read, and as an obvious result of it, creating bookmarks was something quite natural for me. Firstly, I’ve created some strictly wire bookmarks but after some time I wanted to make them a little more colorful. A bit thematic maybe. Definitely more colorful. I guess I wanted also to create something new. From time to time I have this feeling that I want to make something out of my comfort zone. Not much out of it. But at least a bit;) and so this series of bookmarks was created.

So generally speaking I take some beautiful paper, often recycled one, from old notebooks or scraps from packing paper and I wrapped it with wire. I guess I like this idea because in the end, it’s like a little picture framed with wire.


          I always thought that a nice bookmark is a great addition to a perfect reading experience. This doesn’t prevent me from using a metro ticket or a receipt as a bookmark if the situation demands it. But if you want to plunge into reading, after a long tiring day at work. With a cup of hot tea and some cookies. If you chose your book carefully and then light some candles to make the room more cozy. I guess in this kind of situation a beautiful unique bookmark is a must.

 And now a little add part for this short post about creating bookmarks;) here is my bookmark shop section: HERE  and in my etsy shop HERE

About creating bookmarks
Jane Austen Bookmark
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