Winter and Christmas tutorials just for you!

winter and Christmas tutorials

Are you ready to use some winter and Christmas tutorials and start decorating your homes (and yourselves;)? Winter is coming (well, practically she already came) so I decided to feature here some nice tutorials and DIY projects. Obviously all in winter mood. Since there are thousands of those on the net I decided to limit myself to those created by me in wire wrapping technique.

I created those tutorials mainly thinking about Christmas jewelry but beware! In fact some of them you can try to transformed to holidays adornments. Wire industrial style is still quite popular. So here they are:

1. Angel Tutorial

2. Christmas Tree Tutorial (FREE!)

3. Christmas Tree Tutorial

4. Winter Earrings

Additionally there is also this lovely (and absolutely free) snowflake tutorial which I recently made and you can get it right away! I wish I could see your creations made with those DIY projects so feel free to send me some pics or tag me on Instragram of Facebook!

So I hope you are ready to use those winter and christmas tutorials! Make your home looks elegant and festive in the same time. Create handmade jewelry for you or as present for someone special. And have a lots of fun in the process!


Mam nadzieję, że jesteście gotowi na trochę świątecznych i zimowych tutoriali! Postanowiłam zebrać w jednym poście część wykonanych przeze mnie DIY projektów o tematyce świątecznej. Początkowo myślałam o jakiejś bardziej rozszerzonej wersji ale jest tego w necie zbyt dużo żebym mogła z łatwością (mniejszą lub większą) wybrać tylko parę aby je tutaj przedstawić

Tak więc 4 tutoriale (patrz do góry:) plus jeden darmowy tutorial ze śnieżynką wykonany całkiem nie dawno. Fakt, tutki są po angielsku jednak opatrzone dużą ilością fotek a te przecież są najważniejsze. W razie pytań/wątpliwości co do tych zimowych tutoriali, dawajcie znać:)

Winter Snowflake Tutorial

Short story about Kafka and The Metamorphosis

Kafka and the Metamorphosis

So here are few things about Kafka and The Metamorphosis. To be honest I was a bit afraid of his works. There is this gloomy dark aura around his writings and what’s more, around Kafka himself. But as I’m living now in his city and his country I thought I would just give it a try.

So, I’ve started with some of his short stories. The book I got was a compilation of all his works published when he was alive. The stories were the ones which the author really wanted to show to the world. As you know or not, his most famous books were published postmortem, by his friend, who was asked by Kafka to burn all unpublished stories.

But back to the topic, reading slowly through my book, I was heading slowly but surely to the Metamorphosis. I was curious. In a bad way. It’s not normal being curious about the story of the man who turns into a big insect. And yet, I think it provokes such strange uneasiness and well, curiosity in each and every person that it becomes normal in some wayBecause we are human. We are curious by nature about wired things. So after all, Kafka got a plus from me. Just by reminding me that I’m like everyone. In every way.

And then the story came. And again I think it is about us. Humans. About our nature. But not the idealized one, or the demonized one. The true nature of human which is mixture of goodness and badness, selfishness and empathy. Cowardliness and bravery. And all what is between. And I have to admit, that Kafka presented it in unique beautiful and a bit creepy way. By telling a story about a big bug…

Even though 
Kafka and The Metamorphosis will make you sad, it is definitely worth reading. I still feel sad when I think about it, yet I want to read it again. Just to take deep dive in, into all the facets of the human nature. Maybe I will understand it better next time…


Few words about wire wrapping tools I use…

wire wrapping tools I use

In fact, I could tell you all about wire wrapping tools I use in one sentence but where is fun in that? To start the topic I will tell you few things about the time when I discovered this technique. It was so long time ago to be true! I remember when I first bought some wires and I honestly tried to create something just with my own hands and copper. No tools. Imagine wire wrapping like that. Well, I knew after few minutes that I need something more than my sheer enthusiasm. It’s honestly not possible to create jewelry without pliers (yes this is the key word here!).  

I tried to be clever and bought 3 in 1 super tool. You can see in the photo my first and ever pliers which I still use! But the essential part of them are round nose pliers. This kind of thing is what you really need when it comes to wire wrapping. And beside them, I guess, you need some precise wire cutters. Technically you can cut with scissors but I don’t recommend that (you can ruin them and even your jewelry in extreme cases). The one which I have in mine weren’t sufficient so wire cutter was the second tool I really got for myself. And that’s it!

That was the beginning but I need to confess that it didn’t much change. I bought some more tools, less or more advanced, but after all, my first pliers are always the most used. So if you want to play with wire wrapping technique, only wires and round nose pliers are really and truly necessary (and something to cut the wires, but there are honestly some counterparts which you can find in your home.

wire wrapping tools I use

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Born Free by Joy Adamson

Born Free by Joy Adamson

I’m usually quite hesitant when it comes to the books about animals. They are generally sad stories and without happy ending. Or even with happy ending! But the way to it is usually so dramatic that it’s just not for my nerves;) Hovever Born Free by Joy Adamson was a gift. And it was a real story about the tame lioness so I couldn’t resist.

Technically, the story is about tame lioness who was successfully released into the wild. Easy and simply. But only techically. I would warn you that this is something quite different than it appears. I guess it is above all, a story about friendship. Passionate and a bit intrusive from the human part and graceful but strong from the lioness part.

There was an undeniable bond between the author and Elsa. And because of it, because of this love they were always close to each other. Joy Adamson tried to be there for the lioness and she, the lioness came to her always. Well, almost always. And when she didn’t, the heroine was sure to go looking for the lioness. I’m sure that it was all for the good reasons but still… The love she was showing to Elsa was, it seems, something which wouldn’t let the lioness go completely free and wild…

If you are an animal lover, activist or vegetarian, Born Free by Joy Adamson is definitely the book not for you. I was a bit horrified how many goats were sacrificed for the purpose of feeding the “already released to the wild“ Elsa. As I don’t want to say too much about the plot I will stop here with only one more comment. There are a lot of doubtful and controversial moments in this book but nevertheless, there was undeniable link between two main actresses of the book. And that is beautiful. That is the reason why this book is worth reading.

Born Free by Joy Adamson

Everyone loves presents and surprises…

presents and surprises

I think that everyone loves presents and surprises. I know that I do. And I guess that what I love the most is not even the gift itself but the atmosphere around it. Packing and unwrapping the gift is kind of a great fun too. I guess that was the beginning of my mystery boxes. I thought, why not creating a mystery gift boxes with my jewelry! Easy-peasy;) but then the idea of creating a mystery jewelry gift took a whole different shape.

It was when I started exchanging hand written letters with my two lovely pen pals. Imagine my surprise when with the letter I got bunch of lovely little gifts lovely wrapped. It was a pure pleasure to unpack them and I enjoy every little piece! Creating similar little gifts for my friends was as much enjoyable as receiving them. There was an easy path from there to the creation of my mystery boxes which took more peculiar path than I anticipated.

I decided to create for the time being three types of the mystery parcels  which you can find in my shop, but I want to create more! I guess it can be addicting. So you can have the exclusive box, the literary one and a jewelry package with cute studs. I try to add always a something extra beside what is indicated in the listing (you can find them HERE btw). It is really fun adding extra stuff since at least I know, I enjoy getting freebies a lot. In the picture you can see an assembly for one the mystery boxes. I definitely try to take more pics of those little presents and surprises I put into my mystery parcels. And I do hope that is only the beginning! I wonder what type of mystery boxes you would like to see in my shop:)

About creating bookmarks…

About creating bookmarks

You know I love to read, and as an obvious result of it, creating bookmarks was something quite natural for me. Firstly, I’ve created some strictly wire bookmarks but after some time I wanted to make them a little more colorful. A bit thematic maybe. Definitely more colorful. I guess I wanted also to create something new. From time to time I have this feeling that I want to make something out of my comfort zone. Not much out of it. But at least a bit;) and so this series of bookmarks was created.

So generally speaking I take some beautiful paper, often recycled one, from old notebooks or scraps from packing paper and I wrapped it with wire. I guess I like this idea because in the end, it’s like a little picture framed with wire.


          I always thought that a nice bookmark is a great addition to a perfect reading experience. This doesn’t prevent me from using a metro ticket or a receipt as a bookmark if the situation demands it. But if you want to plunge into reading, after a long tiring day at work. With a cup of hot tea and some cookies. If you chose your book carefully and then light some candles to make the room more cozy. I guess in this kind of situation a beautiful unique bookmark is a must.

 And now a little add part for this short post about creating bookmarks;) here is my bookmark shop section: HERE  and in my etsy shop HERE

About creating bookmarks
Jane Austen Bookmark

blogging about books

blogging about books


What do you say about blogging about books? I have some plans for this blog, some are bigger, some not so much. One of them is to post here some thoughts about books I’ve read. I would love to take gorgeous photos of books I’ve read, tell you what do I think about them. Maybe recommend or not. But then, there is the realization of  the idea! It’s always a tricky thing, these discrepancies between thought and reality. And reality always causes some problems. I need to chose a book. I need to photograph it. What if it’s not a good book to share with you. When I find the time to make those gorgeous photograph?s. Should I finish first the book before sharing it with you? (with this particular question I think the answer is yes) and so on and on. I wont tell you all the questions which are rumbling in my head, they are noisy and irritating but I try no to make more of them than that.. I’m already happy that I will take some photos of the book because it’s fun! It would be really nice to get out of my head all those thoughts and impressions about the books I read. Because it’s simply great to share the thoughts about books. Mostely, in my opinion, because it helps you understand it better. Well, anyhow, there is also posting, and here is is, the first post is created! First photo taken. I hope you will enjoy my blogging about books which will follow!

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Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial by Kica Bijoux

Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial

I’ve created this Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial  for House of Gems company a long time ago and well, I thought it would be nice to share it here. So this wire wrapping tutorial feature really nice and easy design. It is great for beginners but also for intermediate jewelry maker.  And what’s more, it is totally free!:)

From my experience as a jewelry maker and etsy seller I can tell that it is quite popular project. Drop earrings design is something simple yet alluring.  It is definitely eye catching jewelry. As a result, I thought that it would be nice to create a tutorial for it.  Nevertheless I wanted to create something a bit different than typical and usual drop earrings design. 

So, Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial  is a kind of variation where I used wire wrapping technique. I’m not really sure if I could called it like that since it is more wire bending;) But anyhow feel free to visitn this pinterest page CLICK where you can see the whole tutorial absolutely for free:)

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How to make Coral Filigree Earrings

how to make coral filigree earrings


     Yep, you can learn how to create Coral Filigree Earrings here:) Well, maybe not precisely here, since i’ve made this tutorial as a special order for House of Gems company. So you can see it and download it for free from their SlideShare page here: CLICK.

I’ve made this tutorial long time ago but since autumn is coming, and I really like how it turned out, I decided to refresh it, and post it here . What’s more, it’s not very difficul to make these earrings. All you have to do is to wrap and bend and so on, but there is no super dificult steps here to follow, so I think it’s also great for a beginners. Yet, it looks pretty nice and not simple at all. At least in my opinion;-)

I wander what do you think about this free wire wrapping tutorial? I’m not sure if it’s better to make more complicated designs, or something which you can make in an hour (and it still looks nice). Well, I will have to think it over. But for now, I hope you will learn how to create Coral Filigree Earrings thanks to this tutorial and that you will enjoy creating this autumn styl design.

I’ve almost forgot. For more free tutorials you can also visit free tutorial section here, in my page: CLICK

Bonsai trees and wire tree sculptures

bonsai 2
bonsai 2

 A bit of this and that about Bonsai trees and wire tree sculptures .

I would love to say that the idea of my wire tree sculptures came after the visiting the botanical garden, but to be true it didn’t. I always wanted to create trees. Even the idea itself has its own charm and beauty. To create trees 🙂

It always takes considered time and effort to create one small wire tree sculptures . In the beginning, I wasn’t thinking much about what tree i want to make. I just want to try, see if it works. If I would be able to make one. I wasn’t able even to find the first photos of the wire sculptures I’ve created. 

But then, it kind of hit me (and please don’t mock me because it is quite obvious). Every tree is different. I mean in nature. They are all there, all the time but I never really thought about it. I never thought that they differ so much. As simple as it is, my first tree of life sculptures where all the same size and shape. But after visitng this beautiful exhibition of Bonsai trees i decided to try something different. I still marvel at the beuty of them.  Bonsai trees are magical in my opition. I took some photos and well, one of my goals is to recreate of of them. One day. In the future. And in the same time I do hope such minature tree sculture would bring someone some peace and joy as the bonsai tree do…

Yep, the next step was to create a different shape , different type of wire wrapped tree of life… I’m still far from being able to create a particular tree but i do hope it is still a challange that is in front of me.  In the meantime you can see real bonsai up and some of my recent trees in the bottom. I wander which one you like the most.

wire tree
wire tree