blogging about books

blogging about books


What do you say about blogging about books? I have some plans for this blog, some are bigger, some not so much. One of them is to post here some thoughts about books I’ve read. I would love to take gorgeous photos of books I’ve read, tell you what do I think about them. Maybe recommend or not. But then, there is the realization of  the idea! It’s always a tricky thing, these discrepancies between thought and reality. And reality always causes some problems. I need to chose a book. I need to photograph it. What if it’s not a good book to share with you. When I find the time to make those gorgeous photograph?s. Should I finish first the book before sharing it with you? (with this particular question I think the answer is yes) and so on and on. I wont tell you all the questions which are rumbling in my head, they are noisy and irritating but I try no to make more of them than that.. I’m already happy that I will take some photos of the book because it’s fun! It would be really nice to get out of my head all those thoughts and impressions about the books I read. Because it’s simply great to share the thoughts about books. Mostely, in my opinion, because it helps you understand it better. Well, anyhow, there is also posting, and here is is, the first post is created! First photo taken. I hope you will enjoy my blogging about books which will follow!

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