Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial by Kica Bijoux

Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial

I’ve created this Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial  for House of Gems company a long time ago and well, I thought it would be nice to share it here. So this wire wrapping tutorial feature really nice and easy design. It is great for beginners but also for intermediate jewelry maker.  And what’s more, it is totally free!:)

From my experience as a jewelry maker and etsy seller I can tell that it is quite popular project. Drop earrings design is something simple yet alluring.  It is definitely eye catching jewelry. As a result, I thought that it would be nice to create a tutorial for it.  Nevertheless I wanted to create something a bit different than typical and usual drop earrings design. 

So, Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial  is a kind of variation where I used wire wrapping technique. I’m not really sure if I could called it like that since it is more wire bending;) But anyhow feel free to visitn this pinterest page CLICK where you can see the whole tutorial absolutely for free:)

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