Born Free by Joy Adamson

Born Free by Joy Adamson

I’m usually quite hesitant when it comes to the books about animals. They are generally sad stories and without happy ending. Or even with happy ending! But the way to it is usually so dramatic that it’s just not for my nerves;) Hovever Born Free by Joy Adamson was a gift. And it was a real story about the tame lioness so I couldn’t resist.

Technically, the story is about tame lioness who was successfully released into the wild. Easy and simply. But only techically. I would warn you that this is something quite different than it appears. I guess it is above all, a story about friendship. Passionate and a bit intrusive from the human part and graceful but strong from the lioness part.

There was an undeniable bond between the author and Elsa. And because of it, because of this love they were always close to each other. Joy Adamson tried to be there for the lioness and she, the lioness came to her always. Well, almost always. And when she didn’t, the heroine was sure to go looking for the lioness. I’m sure that it was all for the good reasons but still… The love she was showing to Elsa was, it seems, something which wouldn’t let the lioness go completely free and wild…

If you are an animal lover, activist or vegetarian, Born Free by Joy Adamson is definitely the book not for you. I was a bit horrified how many goats were sacrificed for the purpose of feeding the “already released to the wild“ Elsa. As I don’t want to say too much about the plot I will stop here with only one more comment. There are a lot of doubtful and controversial moments in this book but nevertheless, there was undeniable link between two main actresses of the book. And that is beautiful. That is the reason why this book is worth reading.

Born Free by Joy Adamson
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