Spring Fairy Earrings Tutorial – create your own jewelry!

Spring Fairy Earrings


Learn how to create charming jewelry thanks to this                                Spring Fairy Earrings Tutorial


I like to create simple tutorials as well as those more intricate. With this easy DIY project you will make your earrings in less than 20 minutes. All you need is some wire, pliers and cute beads. You can see in this tutorial that I’ve created two pairs with two different sets of beads, but the design is always the same. These earrings are romantic, a bit delicate and quite light in style.

I’m still not really sure how to post my free wire wrapping tutorials. For now, I’m considering blog posts and zero dollar listings in my shop. I wonder which one is better for you? Feel free to let me know in a comment section. I’m quite enjoying creating those freebie DIY patterns so prepare for some more in the near future!

Spring Fairy Earrings Tutorial
Spring Fairy Earrings Tutorial
Spring Fairy Earrings Tutorial





I hope you enjoyed this Spring Fairy Earrings Tutorial and that you had fun creating jewelry with it. If you have any questions or suggestions for this tutorial or generally about wire wrapping, feel free to contact me via contact form. If you are searching for ready-made earrings, there are plenty in my shop section. Thank you so much for stopping by on my page and creating with me!

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Winter and Christmas tutorials just for you!

winter and Christmas tutorials

Are you ready to use some winter and Christmas tutorials and start decorating your homes (and yourselves;)? Winter is coming (well, practically she already came) so I decided to feature here some nice tutorials and DIY projects. Obviously all in winter mood. Since there are thousands of those on the net I decided to limit myself to those created by me in wire wrapping technique.

I created those tutorials mainly thinking about Christmas jewelry but beware! In fact some of them you can try to transformed to holidays adornments. Wire industrial style is still quite popular. So here they are:

1. Angel Tutorial

2. Christmas Tree Tutorial (FREE!)

3. Christmas Tree Tutorial

4. Winter Earrings

Additionally there is also this lovely (and absolutely free) snowflake tutorial which I recently made and you can get it right away! I wish I could see your creations made with those DIY projects so feel free to send me some pics or tag me on Instragram of Facebook!

So I hope you are ready to use those winter and christmas tutorials! Make your home looks elegant and festive in the same time. Create handmade jewelry for you or as present for someone special. And have a lots of fun in the process!


Mam nadzieję, że jesteście gotowi na trochę świątecznych i zimowych tutoriali! Postanowiłam zebrać w jednym poście część wykonanych przeze mnie DIY projektów o tematyce świątecznej. Początkowo myślałam o jakiejś bardziej rozszerzonej wersji ale jest tego w necie zbyt dużo żebym mogła z łatwością (mniejszą lub większą) wybrać tylko parę aby je tutaj przedstawić

Tak więc 4 tutoriale (patrz do góry:) plus jeden darmowy tutorial ze śnieżynką wykonany całkiem nie dawno. Fakt, tutki są po angielsku jednak opatrzone dużą ilością fotek a te przecież są najważniejsze. W razie pytań/wątpliwości co do tych zimowych tutoriali, dawajcie znać:)

Winter Snowflake Tutorial

Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial by Kica Bijoux

Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial

I’ve created this Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial  for House of Gems company a long time ago and well, I thought it would be nice to share it here. So this wire wrapping tutorial feature really nice and easy design. It is great for beginners but also for intermediate jewelry maker.  And what’s more, it is totally free!:)

From my experience as a jewelry maker and etsy seller I can tell that it is quite popular project. Drop earrings design is something simple yet alluring.  It is definitely eye catching jewelry. As a result, I thought that it would be nice to create a tutorial for it.  Nevertheless I wanted to create something a bit different than typical and usual drop earrings design. 

So, Blue Drop Earrings Tutorial  is a kind of variation where I used wire wrapping technique. I’m not really sure if I could called it like that since it is more wire bending;) But anyhow feel free to visitn this pinterest page CLICK where you can see the whole tutorial absolutely for free:)

For real jewelry pieces visit my other shop: http://kicabijoux.com/shop/

For more infromation about me and my jewelry visit my social media sites: https://www.instagram.com/kicabijoux/

Feel free to visit my facebook page!:) https://www.facebook.com/kicabijoux/

How to make Coral Filigree Earrings

how to make coral filigree earrings


     Yep, you can learn how to create Coral Filigree Earrings here:) Well, maybe not precisely here, since i’ve made this tutorial as a special order for House of Gems company. So you can see it and download it for free from their SlideShare page here: CLICK.

I’ve made this tutorial long time ago but since autumn is coming, and I really like how it turned out, I decided to refresh it, and post it here . What’s more, it’s not very difficul to make these earrings. All you have to do is to wrap and bend and so on, but there is no super dificult steps here to follow, so I think it’s also great for a beginners. Yet, it looks pretty nice and not simple at all. At least in my opinion;-)

I wander what do you think about this free wire wrapping tutorial? I’m not sure if it’s better to make more complicated designs, or something which you can make in an hour (and it still looks nice). Well, I will have to think it over. But for now, I hope you will learn how to create Coral Filigree Earrings thanks to this tutorial and that you will enjoy creating this autumn styl design.

I’ve almost forgot. For more free tutorials you can also visit free tutorial section here, in my page: CLICK

Wire Heart Tutorial – Rustic Romance Necklace

I created this lovely Wire Heart Tutorial long time ago as a special order. A great supply jewelry company ordered it and I thought that I want to refresh it here and show is again in my blog. 

This tutorial is simple, cute, and easy to create. It’s completly free and you can see it for egample here CLICK. It was a great surprise to see in the Pinstagram photos of other people who created this Wire Heart Tutorial. I think is great for Valentines day gift but not only. There is definitely too little love in this world. It’s a great idea to add some I think, even with such simple and easy creation!:)

If you want to see more free wire wrapping tutorial visit my free tutorial page CLICK

Free wire wrapping tutorial – LOVE bookmark

You will learn in in free wire wrapping tutorial how to create a love word using wire and pliers. This tutorials is designed for people who just started the adventure with wirewrapping. It’s easy andcharming in the same way. I hope you will enjoy this little tutorial. Feel free to use it and share it as you like:)

free wire wrapping tutorial