Frydlant Castle

Frydland Castle
Frydland Castle

Visiting Frydlant castle was a quite charming experience. Beautifully situated, surrounded by high walls and old trees. Standing in a stunning rural surrounding.

Outside was as charming as the inside (but you can take photos only outside!) I think we didn’t visit even half of the castle, yet it was enough. Believe me, you can get really tired by walking slowly even through part of the rooms. I can imagine that those types of places are “usually” huge. Living in such castle had to be kind of difficult thing, even just taking the distances into consideration. On the other hand, I assume it was difficult mostly for the help, and not the privileged owners.

I have to admit, that I take a strange pleasure to look at those decorated old interiors. Filled with beautiful furniture (sometimes quite strange looking) and charming decorations. I always try to realize that there were real people living there in the past. That portraits which hang on the walls are not only pretty pictures but they presenting real people, long gone now. I was never interested in them, as they usually picture strange-looking old guys in out-of-date clothes. But just imagine, how fun would it be if they would be your family. Looking at the paintings and seeing uncle Fredrik here, auntie Katerina there… Visiting old castles is like going back to the past, just for an hour or two. 

Frydlant Castle is a beautiful place, a place with a rich history, so definitely a great place to visit if you have few hours to spend while driving nearby.

Frydland Castle
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