How to make Coral Filigree Earrings

how to make coral filigree earrings


     Yep, you can learn how to create Coral Filigree Earrings here:) Well, maybe not precisely here, since i’ve made this tutorial as a special order for House of Gems company. So you can see it and download it for free from their SlideShare page here: CLICK.

I’ve made this tutorial long time ago but since autumn is coming, and I really like how it turned out, I decided to refresh it, and post it here . What’s more, it’s not very difficul to make these earrings. All you have to do is to wrap and bend and so on, but there is no super dificult steps here to follow, so I think it’s also great for a beginners. Yet, it looks pretty nice and not simple at all. At least in my opinion;-)

I wander what do you think about this free wire wrapping tutorial? I’m not sure if it’s better to make more complicated designs, or something which you can make in an hour (and it still looks nice). Well, I will have to think it over. But for now, I hope you will learn how to create Coral Filigree Earrings thanks to this tutorial and that you will enjoy creating this autumn styl design.

I’ve almost forgot. For more free tutorials you can also visit free tutorial section here, in my page: CLICK

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