Absinthe Crystal Necklace, Green Crystal Jewelry


This listing is for a natural Absinthe Crystal Necklace. It was created using amazing crystal in light green color. This Crystal Necklace is all about natural power, beauty of nature, and its lightness. It’s a little bit romantic, kind of bold, and definitely bohemian.

Absinthe Crystal Necklace belongs to the bohemian series jewelry. You can feel a free spirit in it. The freedom, love to nature… It is a piece of real statement jewelry – it can tell who you are, what you love. I try to create a series of beautiful items that can reflect this atmosphere, this ideology. I try to feature in them beautiful natural stones, feathers, bohemian and vintage-inspired beads. And I can only hope, that you will see in these pieces this free, peaceful, artistic soul which I try to give them:)

green crystals

length of the chain – 18 inches (46 cm)
pendant length: 2,44 inches (6,2 cm)

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