Aine – Green Agate Bobby Pins, Lady of the Forest Lake Collection


This listing is for charming agate bobby pins. Simple, natural, inspired by nature and forest. I called this piece Aine. The name comes from the noun aine, which means “radiance, splendor, brilliance.” The name is connected to fruitfulness and prosperity. In Irish legend, Aine was the name of the Queen of the Munster fairies.

Lade of the Forest Lake Collection is all about dark shades of green. This hue which only forest lakes have. Deep, a little bit mysterious and not obvious.Color of the lakes which are Hidden from the eyes of those who do not dare to go deep enough into the woods.
I can imagine that Lady of the Forest Lake is strongly linked to nature and its secrets. She is curious, patient, and strong enough to overcome moments of fear and hesitations. Wise enough to know that they come and go. If you feel like that or want to, this jewelry would be perfect for you

This collection features beautiful mossy agates in addition to few other green-shade stones and beads and Swarovski crystals and diopside. All wrapped with copper wire. Each piece got a beautiful Irish female name

quantity – set of 2 pins as pictured in the photos
size – they measure around 4.5 cm long (1.77″)

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