Black Onyx Necklace, Wire Copper Onyx Jewelry


This listing is for Black Onyx Necklace. Dark and mysterious. With powerful enchanting heart. I’ve used oxidized copper wire and beautiufl dark onyx bead. As a result, you have romantic Onyx Jewelry with pinch of retro rustic look.

This necklace was inspired by night. There is something magical in night time. Something mysterious and dangerous. Excited. In the daylight you can see everything crystal clear, but night hides secrets. It’s ambiguous. We all are a little bit afraid of it, because of its solitude, because of its nature. In daylight we all have our daily chores, our ordinary problems, but night makes us think about things more profound and meaningful. We all are afraid of dark in some way, but in the same it is so bewitching…
This Black Onyx Necklace was inspired by night, and I hope you will see in this piece at least the tinge of the Night’s Power:)

pendant length: 1,37″ (3,5cm)
chain length – there are two options 18″ (46 cm) and 25,5″ (65cm)
If you wish so I can make the chain longer or shorter upon request.

made with love …

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