Blue Dragonfly Necklace, Wire Wrapped Dragonfly



This listing is for unique Blue Dragonfly Necklace. This DragonflyPendant is filled with magic, nature and witchy vibes. This necklace is romantic and bold. It’s rustic and bohemian. My inspiration for it was Nature at its purest. When I look at this necklace I think of nature’s intricacy. It reminds me of the chaotic beauty of bare winter branches and tangled roots. I guess that’s why Nature has such a powerful influence on me. Every element speaks of freedom. I chose to feature dragonfly because this is such a powerful symbol linked to the world of magic as well as world of nature…

So here it is, my interpretation of Nature and its various expressions. I tried to capture a glimpse of what we can see and experience just by going out into the world into this Blue Dragonfly Necklace
total chain length: 18 inches (46 cm) or 30″ (75 cm) – there is possibility to adjust the length of the chain upon request
pendant length: 2,2 inches (5,6 cm)


Made with love and surrounded by coffee cups…

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