Blue Sodalite Necklace, Witchy Art Nouveau Collection


This listing is for Blue Sodalite Necklace  which belongs to my Art Nouveau Collection. What I adore about Art Nouveau art is this almost palpable love to nature, to its smooth lines and charming swirls. Nature is everything, and there is a whole universe inside each part of it. In Art Nouveau style it is cherished and appreciated in most beautiful way…

I decided to create a collection inspired by Art Nouveau in a way. I do love the smooth elegant lines and the lightness in it, but in the end it’s natural world which motivates and gives power to create. Through my creations I want to show that wherever inspiration lies, it’s up to us what we do with it. So here you have my personal mixture of nature, art and my own piece of heart in the shape of copper necklace with beautiful  sodalite.

Measurements of Blue Sodalite Necklace:
length of the chain – 18 inches (46 cm)
pendant length: 2.55 inches (6,5 cm)
*I can adjust the length of the chain for you, just let me know via convo*


If you would have any questions about the product, please contact me before purchase throught Contact Form

made with love…
inspired by nature…

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