Bluebird Stud Earrings, Tiny Bird Jewelry for Her



These Bluebird Stud Earrings are great for you as well for your kid. They are small, adorable and great for those who love discrete jewelry. Inspired by children jewelry, but designed not only for kids! Cute and simple earrings, not only for children but for their mums too! Remember, in every adult person there is a hidden kid inside!:)

I used fimo clay  and silver plated posts to create them. This jewelry is minimalist, super cute and with touch of kawaii style.

During my studio work days, I usually create earrings in wire wrapping technique, but from time to time I seek some change in my creative proces. I was looking for something quite different to make,  and so this collection was born. I guess the studs earrings was something that was missing in my wrapping jewelry. So creating cute and adorable tiny post studs was a nice addition to my basic jewelry lines.

About Bluebird Stud Earrings:

*please take notice that these are created with silver plated post, but I also offer them on plastic studs which are hypoallergenic and quite safe to wear even for those with sensitive ears. To know more about this option please contact me via Contact Form*

Earrings are covered with lacquer to make them last long and happy!

Bluebird Stud Earrings size – 3mm x 6mm

made with love…
surrounded by coffee cups…

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