Fire Earrings, Wire Wrapping Elemental Jewelry



Here you can see beautiful Fire Earrings  made in wire wrapping technique. Filled with natural power, with elemental strength. Perfect piece for nature and outdoor lovers. I called ithem Fire Earrings because of vivid dark red beadstones. Little bit mysterious but yet so powerful and eye-catching. Intriguing red gemstone beads are surrounded by copper adornments in a little bit elvish way, but it was the fire that it was my main inspiration…

We know very well how ravaging fire can be. We always thought about its power, but here, I was inspired by what it can give us. For me this fierce force means changes. Means something fresh and rising. Something new yet frightening. This vivid red stands not only for might and destruction, but for changes and new life. This powerful medium is not only just elemental force, but it something which gives space and opportunity for new and unknown.

the stone is probably red howlite but I’m not sure about it.

length to the earwires – 1.5 (3,8 cm)
total length – 2.04 (5,1 cm)

made with love, surrounded by coffee cups

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