Forest Witch Earrings, Opal and Aventurine Jewelry


This listing is for  Forest Witch Earrings. Romantic, courageous with woodland soul:) Full of poetry and nature…

This piece belongs to my Forest Dream collection. The Forest Dream series is full of leaves and greenery! There are so many shades of green that match copper perfectly. You will find in this collection prehnites, malachites, jades…

This collection is a mixture of my forest nostalgia and admiration of nature. It was created in the middle of a busy city and while creating all those leaves and working with beautiful green gemstones there was this need to be closer to nature. Closer to the silently rustling leaves, to the smell of growing and blooming trees. I truly missed those things but creating this leaf jewelry I was realizing that those things are also inside me. Always and forever.

These Forest Witch Earrings are to reminds you of your connection to nature. To your natural environment. To your natural wild soul. I believe that it is always with you. No matter where you are!

copper, opal, aventurine

length to the earwires – 1.49″ (5 cm)
total length – 2.1″ (6,8 cm)

made with love, surrounded by coffee cups

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