Golden Fluorite Necklace, Spring Inspired Copper Jewelry



This unique woodland Golden Fluorite Necklace is made with gorgeous yellowish fluorite drops. .This piece is filled with its early spring magic and scent of daffodils. I hope you’ll love this unique Golden Fluorite Necklace with its part woodland, part magical spring style.

I have to admit that I love working with beautiful stones—they show the real genius of mother nature. In these yellowish fluorites, I love its natural and simple beauty which reminds me of spring season. Such stones are so amazing that I think these types of stones are destined to be made into necklaces. So here you have it: a lovely necklace with a pinch of free spirit and bohemian soul.

measurements of the Golden Fluorite Necklace
total chain length: 18 inches (46 cm)
pendant length: 2.2 inches total (5,6 cm)

*I can adjust the length of the chain for you, just let me know via before or during check out how long it should be*

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