Green Agate Copper Ring, US size 7.5 – Physis Ring


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I called this green agate copper ring “Physis” which means nature in ancient greek, but it’s not only about that. It’s about growing. About going forward and not looking back. This ring should give you courage and help you stop hesitating. You should step into the future. Now.
Physis Ring is about growing. About blooming. About strength. I’ve used lovely agate stone in this ring. Those gemstones are considered Power Stones. The are very grounding, solid and stable. All agates have excellent protective and healing energy. So remember, this green agate copper ring is about experiencing growth of your strength and power. This piece is about making you strong.

“Because those who use the term Physis mean to say that nature is the first creative power; but if the soul turns out to be the primeval element, and not fire or air, then in the truest sense and beyond other things the soul may be said to exist by nature; and this would be true if you proved that the soul is older than the body, but not otherwise.”

– Plato’s Laws, Book 10(892c) – translation by Benjamin Jowett

copper wire

U.S. size 7.5

made with love…
inspired by Nature…

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