Green Agate Necklace, Wire Wrapping Jewelry



This listing is for Green Agate Necklace. I’ve used copper wire and beautiful green quartz to create this piece. It’s little bit woodland, little bit gypsy in style. I have to admit that i love working with raw stone. They show real genius of mother nature.
But this piece is also about copper and coexistence of two hues. Green and warm and little bit rustic copper tone. This element gives this unique necklace the pinch of mystery. It gives it strength of the earth, the smell of woodland life and a little bit of organic melody…
So here you have, a unique Green Agate Necklace, lovely boho mineral stone surrounded by rustic copper. I hope you will like my version of this woodland necklace:)

I hope you will like this Green Agate Necklacdesign and whats more I do hope , that you will see in this rustic wire wrapped necklace this free, peaceful, artistic soul which i try to give to my jewelry:)


width of the pendant – 1.73 inches (4.4 cm)
chain length: 17,7 inches total (45 cm)

made with love…
surrounded by coffee cups…

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