Green Gemstone Ring, US size 6, Bohemian Style Nature Jewelry- SALE


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This listing is for Green Gemstone Ring. Created from lovely natural bead and earthy copper wire. Inspired by nature, by world around me, by hope…

I’ve heard that green is a color of hope. I don’t see eye to eye with hope. Often. I guess I could say that too often. I fight her, I struggle when she wants to help me. I am proud. I don’t need hope. I don’t need help. She has failed me so many times before.

I tend to forget that she also helped me so many times. Not by creating deceiving images in my head Not by promising me what is never certain. She helped me because she’s never gave up on me. She thought me that If I fight, I can still win. So I should stand up after each fall. And I should go forward. Because there is hope. There is always hope, even if you don’t see it.

This ring is about remembering that hope is something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of. This Green Gemstone Ring is about remembering that hope is a fierce fighter, even if she is not the wisest one:)

US size 6

gemstone bead – unfortunately I’ve bough a bulk of different gemstones and forget to ask about the type, so there is also a little bit of surprise in this piece to:) I can ques that it’s probably quartz

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made with love…
inspired by nature…

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