Hera – long red boho earrings in copper



I called these long red boho earrings Hera as they remind me a little of this greek goddess. Strong and proud. Maybe too much but still it gives her even more charm.  These earrings are kind of bold, and definitely bohemian. Witch inspired but not only. In gorgeous vivid red color. I used ong red howlite spiked and oxidized copper to create these earrings

This piece was inspired by pure Nature and by its classical symmetry… By its intricacy, by the balance and beauty, by its unconstrained lightness… I guess this is the reason why Nature has so powerful influence upon me. It’s the naturalness and freedom which shine through every element…
So here it is, my interpretation of parts captured in long red boho earrings. I hope I was able to capture at least the glimpses of what we can see and what we can experience just by going out into the world…

length to the earwires – 2.75″ (7 cm)
total length – 3.54 (9cm)

made with love, surrounded by coffee cups

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