Kyanite Crescent Moon Necklace – Moonlight Collection



This unique Kyanite Crescent Moon Necklace is strong, magical, and romantic. It belongs to my Moonlight Collection. It was inspired by the moon and its changes. By all its shades and hues… The perfect ring for a Witch!

Sometimes only the pale moon can make me smile, the only thing that makes me forget about the daily grind and how some days pass in obscurity. The moon is magical; no one can deny it. It’s always been there and always will be, even when everything else passes away. It stays the same and seems to be eternal. It gives us light when we need it. I guess you can say that it gives us hope.
I like to think that there is a pinch of lunar magic in this piece—that it can make you feel more peaceful, unique, and confident.

In the moonlight, everything looks different…

In the pictures, you can see both sides of the pendant.

Measurements of the Kyanite Crescent Moon Necklace
length of the chain – 18 inches (46 cm)
pendant length: 3.35 inches (8,5 cm)
*I can adjust the length of the chain for you, just let me know via convo*

raw kyanite

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