Lapis Lazuli Ring, US size 7.5


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This piece is for bohemian lapis lazuli ring created in gypsy style. Romantic, little rustic…This is one of my petite rings, so you can use it as a stacking ring. I like creating little things. I think little is cute, is delicate. But too little is not good too. I hope I was able to balance the littleness and muchness in this piece. This Lapis Lazuli Ring whispers to me, that I should collect moments, and frame them in my memory. Those moments are important, are precious… I try to listen more but sometimes voice of this petite beauty is lost in daytime routine…

copper wire
lapis lazuli

US size 7.5

made with love…
inspired by little things…

made with loveā€¦
surrounded by coffee cups…

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