Mossy Agate Necklace, Physis Series Jewelry


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This listing is for beauitufl Mossy Agate Necklace. Create from copper wire and lovely agate with mossy intrusion.

I called this series Physis, which means nature in ancient greek.  In the beginning, I loved mostly the sound of the word. Then I’ve found out what the meaning is. Nature. And although it can have many meanings, for me it is a reminder of reality. That we are all part of it. Even living in the mids of glass cities. There is time to grow, to bloom. Time to rest and heal. There is the time of death and rebirth too. And even though in our lives those periods seem mixed up in great chaos, there is an order in this madness. We just need to take a deep breath and look closer… Physis Series Jewelry  and this Mossy Agate Necklaceshould help you not to forget it… These pieces are bold, heavy, and amazingly intricate!

copper, mossy agate

length of the chain – 18 inches (46 cm)
pendant length: 2,4 inches total (6,1 cm)

made with love, surrounded by coffee cups

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