Physis Necklace, Copper Nature Inspired Jewelry



I called this piece Physis Necklace  which means nature in ancient greek.  In the beginning I loved mostely the sound of the word. Then I’ve found out the meaning. Nature. And although it can have many seans and meaning, for me it is reminder of the reality. That we are all part of it. Even living in the mids of glass cities. There is time to grow, to bloom. Time to rest and heal. There is time of death and rebirth too. And even though in our lives those periods seems mixed up in great chaos. There is an order in this maddness. We just need to take a deep breath and look closer… Physis Necklace should help you not to forget it…

“Because those who use the term Physis mean to say that nature is the first creative power; but if the soul turns out to be the primeval element, and not fire or air, then in the truest sense and beyond other things the soul may be said to exist by nature; and this would be true if you proved that the soul is older than the body, but not otherwise.”

– Plato’s Laws, Book 10(892c) – translation by Benjamin Jowett

copper wire
unfortunately I don’t know the name of the stone. I used there also glass crystal.

*I can adjust the length of the chain for you, just let me know via convo about that*

made with love, surrounded by coffee cups

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