Pink Wire Earrings Tutorial, Wire Earrings Tutorial



This is a listing for Pink Wire Earrings Tutorial. You will learn how to make this earrings in a easy and accesible way! This tutorial is free to personal use. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me:)

The process of making pink earrings is presented in 9 easy to follow parts.
list of materials:
I’ve used oxidized copper to create thisPink Wire Earrings Tutorial, but it can be any other wire –brass, copper, silver or gold-filled.

14 cm (5.5’’) of 18 gauge wire (of 1 cm in diameter) cut into 2 even pieces
30 cm (11.8’’) of 20 gauge wire (of 0.8 mm in diameter) cut into 2 even pieces
65 cm (25.6’’) of 28 gauge wire (of 0.3 mm in diameter)

drop beads – size 9×6 mm – 2 pieces
stone beads – size around 2,5 mm – 2 pieces
copper beads – size 3,5 mm – 2 pieces

1 pair of earwires

I hope you will enjoy creating this Pink Wire Earrings Tutorial

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