Raw Garnet Necklace – January Birthstone Necklace,


This listing is for Raw Garnet Necklace. Created from lovely raw garnet gemstone and copper wire. I am sure you will love this rustic retro necklace. It’s little bit woodland, a little bit gypsy in style. Thanks to the dark color of the stones it has a bit of gothic witchy look. I have to admit that I love working with raw stones. They show real genius of Mother Nature. I really adore their natural, raw look. Their simple, organic beauty. They are so amazing, that I always want to just hang them on the neck. So here you have a lovely Raw Garnet Necklace with a pinch of bohemian free spirit soul.


length of the chain –length of the chain – 18 inches (46 cm)
I can adjust the length of the chain – just let me know via convo

pendant size: 3″ (7,6cm )

made with love, surrounded by coffe cups…
inspired by nature and magic…

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