Red Coral Ring, Simple Wire Wrapping Coral Jewelry


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This listing is for Red Coral Ring. Simple and charming jewelry piece created just for you! I used small red coral bead and copper wire to make it. It is definitely unique and one of its kind. But it does have one common thing with other jewelry pieces…

I wanted to wrote a short history about the coral, about its orgins, history and meanign but I got stuck already in the begninng. Because it was used through ages. Through antiquity till nowdays. I can image that it was used all around the world. From Americas till Asia.  From antique Egipte jewelry, thgough polish folklore necklace till…now. I don’t assume that this make me equal to oter jewelry makers, but it gives us all this unique quality. Of seeing beauty and charm in this small vivid red bead.  It is a simple beauty. But because of that, it is strong. Constant.  Full.

I do hope you will find in this simple Red Coral Ring echos of all those jewelry pieces created throughout ages.

Size – US  7,5 (17,5 mm in diameter)

made with love, surrounded by coffee cups

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