Regency Pearls Earrings Tutorial – for beginners



This Regency Pearls Earrings Tutorial is an instant download listing.  After completing the purchase  (for 0$) you will be able to download the tutorial at once.

This wire wrapping pattern is quite easy therefore it’s great for beginner and intermediate jewelry makers! There are eight steps and this DIY pattern has 11 pages.

You can feel free to share this tutorial or resell the earrings you made using it. Credit is always appreciated 🙂

I called this piece Regency Pearls Earrings Tutorial since  I’m a big fan of Jane Austen novels and these earrings were definitely inspired by her stories and the regency era.

List of materials and tools necessary to complete this earrings tutorial:

16 inches (around 40 cm) of 20 gauge wire (0,8 mm in diameter) cut in half

two pearl beads – size 10 mm

2 copper beads – size 6 mm
2 copper beads – size 4 mm
4 copper beads – size 3 mm

round nose pliers
wire cutters

pair of earwires

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