Romantic Lilac Bracelet, Purple Glass Gypsy Style Jewelry




This listing is for Romantic Lilac Bracelet. It feature glass seed beads. Delicate, romantic and little bit magical, with bohemian soul and organic mind:) Full of poetry and forgotten tales…
This lovely Lilac Bracelet belongs to my Bohemian Soul collection. It’s all about freedom in this series. About strength and Nature. I like to think that I succeed to weave in this jewelry pieces some of this emotions and feelings. That somewhere between wires, beads and stones there is scope for imagination and wilderness. For free spirit and power. But I am only able to create the form of elements and parts connected with itself with my thoughts. I can try to give to this Romantic Lilac Bracelet parts of my soul, but it’s for you to grant it the heart…

glass beads

! I can make the bracelet longer by adding extension chain, I can’t make it shorter unfortunately!

made with love…
inspired by woodland spirits…
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