Summer Agate Ring, Witchy Copper Jewelry


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This listing is for lovely Summer Agate Ring. Bohemian little bit rustic… It shows the beauty of the agate stone which is surrounded by warm tones of copper. You could definitely wear it everyday to add a little bit of charm and uniqueness to your daily outfit!

There is also something else. I’ve changed my opinion of agates lately, when I read their history. When I discover that its name, agate, in Greek agathos, means good. That the stone was discovered by Greek philosopher and naturalist in ancient times. When you know the story of something or someone, it can change our opinion and ideas. It can make you realize that in the present shapes of simple objects, there may be centuries, small worlds, concealed beauty hidden inside. Under the warm sunny tones and delicate cracked surface there is a history…

I hope you will enjoy this adorable Summer Agate Ring. Although we are drawn to the beauty, symmetry and elegance, I guess we should also remember that “what is essential is invisible to the eye”:) and I hope that this rusic ring will not only make you feel special and unique but they will also remember you about this simple truth:)

US size 7.5


made with love, surrounded by coffee cups

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