White Turtle Bracelet, Animal Unisex Adjustable Bracelet



This listing is for White Turtle Bracelet with beautiful white and beige gemstone beads . This bracelet is  natural, a bit bohemian, with free spirit  woodland style and gypsy soul

This White Turtle Bracelet belongs to the bohemian series jewelry. You can find in this collection many wire wrapping pieces (but not only!). My  idea was to create pieces of jewelry  which helps you expres yourself.  In every possibile way. As a result , you can see jewelry which vaires  and is different from each other, yet the main idea stays in it. I wanted you to feel a free spirit in every bracelet or necklaces  from this series. The freedom, passiona and love of nature… I try to create a series of beautiful items which can reflect this atmosphere, this ideology.

About materials:

I try to feature in this series beautiful natural stones, bohemian and vintage inspired beads in order to give a unique looks to my jewelry pieces. From  when it comes to base, I used in this bracelet jewelry rubber. You wiill receive 1 bracelet as pictured in the photo.

gemstone beads, jewelry rubber


If you would have any questions about the product, please contact me before purchase throught Contact Form

made with love…
surrounded by coffee cups

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