Winter Tree of Life Sculpture, Wire Tree Of Life Decor


This listing is for Winter Tree of Life Sculpture. Created with copper and blue seed beads and quartz gemstone beads as leaves. Woodland and bohemian in style… Filled with witchy vibe and winter charm.

I wanted to create a small sculpture tree for a long time. The idea was always in my head but it’s so easy to procrastinate. To postpone things you want to do, only because you think you don’t have time…

Tree is such a strong and meaningful symbol. It’s powerful, natural, simple. And when you think about them in comparison to time, it’s even more meaningful…

I’ve found time to create small trees, trees of life, little powerful tokens that should remember you that you should always find time for things you love. That you should always take time to live, breathe, and enjoy every moment. Don’t forget about enjoying living in our busy modern world…

hight – 4,9″(12,5 cm)
width of tree crown in the widest point – 3,95″ (10cm)

material – copper, seed beads and blue gemstone beads as leaves, quartz and pyrite in the roots

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