Wire Wrapped Teardrop Necklace Tutorial, Baroque Pendant Pattern



I will send to you this Wire Wrapped Teardrop Necklace Tutorial by email so please let me know your address e-mail. If you don’t indicate your address email, I will send this tutorial to your paypal email. Estimated delivery time of – 24 to 48h.

Making this pendant doesn’t require glue or solder. Pictures and descriptions are designed even for those not yet self-confident enough to call themselves intermediate wire-wrapping artists 🙂

Things you need to finish Wire Wrapped Teardrop Necklace Tutorial:

•The process of making this pendant is presented in 9 easy to follow parts and illustrated with 32 pictures.

list of materials
This is the list of materials and tools necessary to make 1 pendant
•I’ve used oxidized copper to create this earrings, but it can be any other wire –brass, copper, silver or gold-filled.
•17 cm (6.7’’) of 0,8 mm wire in diameter/ 20 gauge wire –
•15 cm (5,9’’) of 0,3 mm wire in diameter (wire for attaching beads to the base)
• 1 fluorite drop, of any other stone/bead in drop shape (mine is around 1 cm long)
•1 copper bead
•1 little copper ring for hanging pendant into the chain

list of tools
•round-nose pliers
•wire cutters


Important so please do read. I do not show how to oxidize your wires in the tutorial. In fact if you want to oxidize your copper wire, you just have to buy liquid which oxidized silver. I usually use such liquid to oxidize copper as well as silver – then there is always a polishing part and put a wire into the liquid for sometime (2 -3 minutes). But, i do not show it here. On the other hand you can use every kind of wire to create this pattern.

If you have any questions about this tutorial do not hesitate to contact me!

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