Raw Amethyst rings in a nutshell

Raw Amethyst Rings in a nutshell

I love these Raw Amethyst Rings mostly because of their natural witchy look.

It took me some time to discover that wire wrapping rings are not only about round beads.  I’ve always known that this technique has some limitations, therefor using round beads with holes was the easiest way. But when you work with wires long enough, you start searching for other ways, other materials. Using more rough gemstones was an obvious next step. I was searching for a more natural and wild outcome and this match of copper and raw beads was exactly what I wanted.

The only thing which would be a bit challenging when I use this type of stone is the hole which is usually smaller than I would wish and demands from me using a small gauge wire. I always try to attach the beads as firmly as possible and with thin wire, there is always a danger of breaking it if the stones move too much. Yet, with the right wrapping stone is set very steady.

Lately, I’m starting to combine the crystals to have more magic in them (you can see two stone ring here) and although wire wrapping has its limitations, and it’s not so direct as other types of art, it gives also a lot of possibilities which I still have to explore.

Bonsai trees and wire tree sculptures

bonsai 2
bonsai 2

 A bit of this and that about Bonsai trees and wire tree sculptures .

I would love to say that the idea of my wire tree sculptures came after the visiting the botanical garden, but to be true it didn’t. I always wanted to create trees. Even the idea itself has its own charm and beauty. To create trees 🙂

It always takes considered time and effort to create one small wire tree sculptures . In the beginning, I wasn’t thinking much about what tree i want to make. I just want to try, see if it works. If I would be able to make one. I wasn’t able even to find the first photos of the wire sculptures I’ve created. 

But then, it kind of hit me (and please don’t mock me because it is quite obvious). Every tree is different. I mean in nature. They are all there, all the time but I never really thought about it. I never thought that they differ so much. As simple as it is, my first tree of life sculptures where all the same size and shape. But after visitng this beautiful exhibition of Bonsai trees i decided to try something different. I still marvel at the beuty of them.  Bonsai trees are magical in my opition. I took some photos and well, one of my goals is to recreate of of them. One day. In the future. And in the same time I do hope such minature tree sculture would bring someone some peace and joy as the bonsai tree do…

Yep, the next step was to create a different shape , different type of wire wrapped tree of life… I’m still far from being able to create a particular tree but i do hope it is still a challange that is in front of me.  In the meantime you can see real bonsai up and some of my recent trees in the bottom. I wander which one you like the most.

wire tree
wire tree

Wire Heart Tutorial – Rustic Romance Necklace

I created this lovely Wire Heart Tutorial long time ago as a special order. A great supply jewelry company ordered it and I thought that I want to refresh it here and show is again in my blog. 

This tutorial is simple, cute, and easy to create. It’s completly free and you can see it for egample here CLICK. It was a great surprise to see in the Pinstagram photos of other people who created this Wire Heart Tutorial. I think is great for Valentines day gift but not only. There is definitely too little love in this world. It’s a great idea to add some I think, even with such simple and easy creation!:)

If you want to see more free wire wrapping tutorial visit my free tutorial page CLICK